The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s 22nd December 2018 live Broadcast, Broadcasted via Radio Biafra from Tel Aviv, Israel.


The IPOB leader has since his resurface in Israel, after the Nigeria Army invaded his home in Umuahia during their Operation Python Dance in Abia State.


Where the military attempted to Kill him. Ever since his resurface thereafter, Kanu has consistently maintained that Nigeria is being ruled by a Sudanese impostor contractor, Jubril Aminu. Backing up his assertions with Expository Pictorial Evidences.


Buhari, JubrilThe Mass Freedom Movement Leader, through the broadcast released more mind blowing pictorial evidences to prove that Nigerian President Buhari has died, buried in Saudi Arabia and replaced by an impostor contractor in Aso Rock, Nigeria sit of power, Jubril Aminu, from Sudan.


IMG-20181223-WA0013Contracted by the Nigerian Political Cabals, Masterminded by Abar Kyari, Mallam Daura and others, just to control and keep power to the North. He consistently maintained”.


Kanu wondered why the brain of Nigerian citizens has been successful controlled into stupor, incapacitated to defend the obvious truth, despite the fact that many are Educated enough to rise up against the few individuals holding the entire country captive.


Instead, the Citizens choose to digest what ever the corrupt government system and their controlled Media feed them with, even when the peaceful and law abiding citizen are being targeted.


IMG-20181223-WA0021The Leader lashes out on Nigeria Media Outlets for their cowardice, failure to rise and utilise all the mind blowing expository pictorial evidences he made available against the impostor contractor in Aso Rock, Especially the Yoruba controlled Media Outlets for choosing to work against the overwhelming evidences, against the truth and Masses.


Continuing, The Leader lambasted the above mentioned Media Outlets for working only for the money where ever it comes from, thereby receiving huge amount of money from the Govt, Political Cabals to work against all the pictorial evidences he made available against the Impostor, Jubril Aminu from Sudan.


Kanu maintained that the above mentioned Media Outlets, Journalists are all slaves to the Nigerian Corrupt System and Political Cabals. spreading lies and propaganda from their Pay Masters against the truths.


Which is why they are lacking behind in times of investigative journalism, and asking questions, seeking truthful answers. which is what Journalism is all about.


Revealing more evidences against the impostor contractor in Aso Rock, Kanu capitalizes on the left side Face of Buhari, and that of Jubril Aminu.


He also spoke about recently Assassinated Alex Badeh and how his murder can be linked to the Impostor saga.



By Dominic Odoh



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