Anayo Nnebe Nigeria – Rep. Anayo Nnebe (PDP-Anambra), has dismissed the call by leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, on the people of the South East to boycott the 2019 general elections.


Nnebe, who represents Awka North/South Constituency in the House of Representatives, spoke on Monday with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.


NAN reports that Kanu had called on Ndigbo to boycott the 2019 general elections.


Nnamdi Kanu in IsraelIn a live Facebook broadcast aired by Radio Biafra, Kanu said, “You own the power, you take it back.
Referring to People’s Power.


‘’You can boycott the election and decide what you want. Stand your ground, cripple the 2019 elections and see the effects in your life.”


The lawmaker, who is also the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Sports, said the leaders and elders in the South-East region would not relent in persuading the youth on the need to actively participate in the elections.


‘’2019 election is far ahead and the truth of the matter is that the elders would be talking to our young men to see the need for us to actually get involved in the election,” he said.


He said members of the National Assembly from the region too, would do their best to ensure that the aggrieved youth had a change of mind.


According to him, it will impact negatively on the South-East if for any reason, people got involved in boycotting the election.


‘’Boycott for who? I don’t think such advice will ever have effect. I believe the elders will discuss with them; let them see reasons because there are so many ways of agitating.


‘’You don’t shoot yourself in the foot to make a point,” he said.


Nnebe expressed optimism that the issue would be resolved before the elections.
‘’It will be resolved. You know these IPOB people are our people.


‘’They are youth and you know about youthful exuberance, but the elders will be there to checkmate them by advising them and preaching caution.


‘’There won’t be any problem; those people will see reason,” he said.
Also speaking, Rep Emmanuel Orker-Jev (PDP-Benue) said since the issue of security is everybody’s business, all Nigerians must work with the Federal Government toward ensuring peaceful polls in the country.


Orker-Jev, who represents Buruku Federal Constituency of Benue, said: “I have read that some leaders in the South-East are rebuffing what Kanu was purported to have said.


‘’So let’s see how the leaders from the South-East themselves respond to that because security is not just about what the government or those in government can do.


‘’It is a responsibility of all of us, including the community leaders, religious leaders, social leaders, etc. It is the entire responsibility of everybody.


‘’And as far as we are concerned, Nigeria has a lot of issues, a lot of problems, but we are one country, one indivisible country and that is the way I look at it now,” he said.





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